Jobs for Baby Boomers

Many baby boomers prefer to stay in the workforce after getting retired and these mature employees can bring valuable experience to a variety of positions.

What are the best baby boomer jobs?

Freelance Writer
One of the most flexible career with respect to schedule and location is freelance writing. Baby boomers with strong writing skills can work as a freelance web content writer. All it needs is an access to the internet. One can begin posting their work on revenue sharing websites for earning as well as creating a portfolio. After that, they can get some clients and carry forward with paid freelance writing.

Professional Tutor
A lot of baby boomers consider taking up a second career as a professional tutor. Apart from providing personal training and group tutions face-to-face, another great option is to start one’s own tutoring service online or work for an online tutoring company.

Direct Sales Representative
In the present scenario, there is a pool of opportunities to take up this business with direct sales brands like Mary Kay, Avon, Oriflame, Discovery Toys, Tupperware and many others. Baby boomers who like the concept of being in control of their earning potential and schedule can consider becoming a sales representative with such companies. All it needs is an entrepreneurial spirit.

Career Counseling
Usually, baby boomers spend a huge period of time working with a particular industry. Most of them possess the necessary tools and skills to provide career counseling or job coaching for institutions, social organizations and staffing agencies. This career includes assisting people with interview skills, create a resume as well as select a career path according to their job skills and interests.

Many baby boomers find it beneficial to use their professional experience and start their own home-based or small-scale business. Usually they set up something associated with their professional career industry but some of them also like to begin new ventures. There are many small business development centers available locally that provide business advices.

Financial Advisor
Baby boomers who like to help others plan their finances and those who possess great sales skills can work as a financial advisor. These baby boomer jobs are a highly suitable second career option for the boomers with experience in the banking industry and similar financial services sector jobs.

Woolworths William WarbyCustomer Service
People with good communication skills and patience are always required for customer service employers. Baby boomers can work with customers or assist them via phone and email. Some of them also take up training jobs in customer service.


Woolworths – Will Warby


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Baby Boomers : A Course on Happiness

Tips to Happiness for Baby Boomers

Baby boomers are one of the biggest age groups on earth today. Most are about to retire or already in retirement and their lives are shifting to a totally new lifestyle with additional free time to themselves. While they were working, raising families and caring for homes, many baby boomers often neglected their happiness. However, with most of the cares behind, it is high time to prioritize happiness. Happiness is very vital for your overall healthy, and will lead to a longer life. Here are three tips to increase happiness.

  1. Eat healthy food

Food choices are more important now than ever in your life. Eating the proper foods will make any baby boomer healthier and happier. Sadly, the opposite is true. Healthy eating involves insisting on foods which are beneficial to the body and avoiding junk at all costs. It is also important to check the amount of calories for every meal. You should particularly avoid any foods which cause weight gain. Gaining weight affects your self esteem and general health. These can adversely lower your happiness. Healthy eating does not in any way mean turning to fad diets or making drastic dietary changes both of which can lead to more problems.

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  1. Stay Active

Golfer BW Roey AhramBaby boomers have more free time now. Start enjoying more benefits from physical exercises. A daily walk is among the best physical activities you can engage in. It is not demanding and is free yet is highly beneficial. Besides keeping you fit, walking helps you unwind and eliminate depression or stress. Walking daily also gives you a chance to explore nature around your home. Your walking time should either be in the morning or in the evening before sunset. You can invite your spouse or a friend for company.


  1. Treat yourself!

When all the cares of this world were on your shoulders, you seldom gave yourself a treat. With all that behind you, it is time to give yourself a treat. There are many options you can consider such as going on vacation or buying that dream car you have always desired. You can also visit your children if they live abroad. If it is within your financial reach, go for it. This is the time to live your life to the fullest.

Parting Shot

People are now living to their eighties and nineties. Hitting 50 therefore means the start of a new phase in life. With a lot of life’s worries behind you, you can finally search and get true happiness. Baby boomers who lead happy lives, live longer. Be happy and may you live to see your great grandchildren!

Golfer (BW) – Roey Ahram

Baby Boomer Lifestyle

Baby boomers are increasingly getting adapted to new lifestyles. This generation born between the 1946 and 1964, apart from caring for their children or parents, also love to participate in a number of social as well as individual activities.

Here are some of the activities of the Baby Boomer Lifestyle

Baby boomers love activities within a social groups of family and friends as they find it very relaxing and joyous. They prefer interacting with people rather than staying at home. This is the reason that socials, art galleries, sporting events and cultural experiences are very popular with this generation.

Scarborough Scenes SellgrFitness Activities
Gymming and sports are quite popular among baby boomers. They participate in various activities such as golf, tennis, jogging, walking, aerobic exercise and much more. They take their well-being very seriously thereby, focus on feeling young and healthy combating obesity and other health-related problems simultaneously.

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Beach Activities
Having fun near the beach is a popular pastime for boomers as they want to unwind and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere there. Their outings include rafting, cruises, water sports and much more at the ocean, lakes and rivers. Such activities also help them keep their romance alive.

Alternative Career
Switching career lines and trying new things is becoming popular with the baby boomer lifestyle as they age. A lot of boomers want to switch to jobs like consulting and teaching to use their experiences for helping others. Some even want to be tour guides, leading leisurely trips through tourist spots. Boomers have also expressed their interests in setting up new businesses.

A large number of baby boomers are looking for love, as they have the highest divorce rate among all age groups. This has made dating activities quite common among them. Nowadays, conducting searches for the perfect someone is really easy with the advancements in lifestyles and technology.

Home Improvement
Improving the quality of their home is an important elements of the baby boomer lifestyle. Boomers are set on being self-sufficient. Canning, gardening and crafting handmade items such as furniture and clothing are a few activities they enjoy. The independence and innovation makes this group do such activities on their own.

Learning Technology
Baby boomers like to learn about new technology as well as they are very efficient in exploring unfamiliar technology. About half of them use the Internet and social media sites to reconnect with old friends and acquaintances as well as make new ones. They are also using technology for entertainment purposes and about 40 percent of boomers own an iPod or Music player.


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